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Hayes Publishing offers the finest quality pro-life literature available. All items are factual, scientifically accurate, well documented and easy to read. They are of professional quality. Whether you are looking for books, brochures to hand out, posters or visual aids for use with groups, you can trust Hayes Publishing to have the information you need at a price that you can afford.

Much of our literature is written by Dr. & Mrs. J.C. Willke who are recognized worldwide as renowned authors and lecturers on pro-life issues. Their 11 books and extensive other publications have been published in 30 languages.

In 1983 Dr. Willke co-founded the International Right To Life Federation and remains its President. It has offices in the Netherlands and in Cincinnati, Ohio. He served as President of the US National Right To Life Committee from 1980-1991 and as President of Life Issues Institute from 1991 to present.

At Hayes Publishing your needs are our top priority. We make every effort to ship all items within 1-2 days from the date of the order.  Expedited delivery can be made upon request. Shipping charges are then adjusted accordingly.

Whether the life be that of an unborn baby, a mentally/physically challenged person or a senior citizen, it is a life worth saving and we must work together toward that end.

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