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Dear friends and loyal customers:

After more than forty years of producing and distributing our pro life literature worldwide, we have reluctantly come to the end of our era. We are grateful for your interest and business over the years and encourage everyone to keep up the fight for God's most precious little ones.

If you are interested in obtaining our items, please be advised that we have given the rights to reproduce our materials to two organizations who are expected to reproduce some of the items and make them available to you.

English Materials:
Heritage House '76
919 S. Main Street
Snowflake AZ 85937

Web - www.hh76.org
E-mail help@hh76.org
Phone - 1-800-858-3040


Spanish Materials:
Voces Por La Vida
1019 E. North View
Phoenix AZ 85020

Web - www.Vocesporlavida.org
E-mail- Vocesporlavida@gmail.com
Phone - 1-602-618-4889

Although we will have no control over their actions, we feel confident that they are our firm allies in the fight against abortion and will do whatever possible to keep Dr. Willke's top quality materials available to those who need it.

For the latest information on pro-life issues, we strongly suggest that you contact and support the following organizations:

Life Issues Institute

Cincinnati Right to Life

Human Life International

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